Devotion Church Portland Oregon

Church plant in N.E. Portland

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Devotion Church Portland Oregon

"After Pastoring for 25 years in Pennsylvania God called us to Portland to start a church and we believe He is about to do something huge in this city!"


Michael and Kim Holcomb


We understand the importance and the advantage of much prayer, public and private; and since Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer,” we are committed to developing a church where people can grow in that dynamic, making regular contact with God for strength, direction, victory, and inspiration.


We have a passion for pursuing Original Christianity, the first faith. That means, whatever the Bible teaches, we believe and will take steps of faith to live it. We also recognize that Original Christianity is all about Jesus and, as He said, all about loving God and loving others. When you keep it that simple, you discover God’s power!

We recognize that we have a mandatory mission to join the rest of the Christian body in making Jesus famous. Therefore, we boldly and emphatically embrace this privilege without care of any personal cost, knowing that we are empowered by God’s Spirit to affect our personal world and our immediate society, as well as our state, nation, and the world.

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